Motivated by their love of the ocean and their drive to accelerate a new blue economy, project and market developers, Fiona Trappe and Charles Blair, founded The Seaweed Alliance in 2018. A not for profit, limited by guarantee, to raise and coalesce interest to explore the potential of seaweed as a biomass resource.

In late 2022,  funding was secured through EMFF – European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to conduct a 12-month feasibility – Project Madoc – to determine the economic viability, environmental impact and social acceptability of an industry based on farmed seaweed for Wales. The basis of the study was on the cultivation and downstream processing of selected species of native seaweed.

The Seaweed Alliance led, project managed and edited the study, however the research, analysis and evaluations were conducted by independent specialists:

  • Strategic Innovation Ltd – led by Dr Jamie O’Hare
  • Afallen LLP – led by Dr David Clubb
  • PEBL CIC – led by Dr Christian Berger
  • Gwymona – led by Kirsti Davies

The aim of the study is to provide key decision makers, across the political, economic and environmental arena, with a thorough evidence base to inform next steps for establishing and expanding an industry based on farmed seaweed.

A suite of recommendations provide the decision makers with a framework to which to proceed to the next phase – an Industry Development Plan.

Project Madoc The power of seaweed

Project Madoc: A seaweed industry in the making?

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